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Top Employer Euro Caps builds third factory in Rotterdam

19 / 05 / 2021

With this new construction, the existing production floor will be expanded by another 5,000 m2. These ambitions are in line with the Rotterdam success story that can also call itself Top Employer Netherlands from today.

Nils Clement (CEO-Euro Caps) says: “In this new factory we will install even more high-speed production lines of the highest industrial quality. With this we will supply new products worldwide to new business partners that we will welcome in 2020. In addition, we are of course very proud of our Top Employer Netherlands certificate!”

“We are very proud of our Top Employer Netherlands certificate!”

Organizations certified as Top Employers are committed to offering their employees the very best working environment through a progressive HR policy that puts people first.

Kitty Batist (HR Director Euro Caps) says: “By obtaining this certification, we show that in our relatively short existence we have already made great strides in quality employership. In addition, it is of course wonderful that we are also creating new employment opportunities in the region with the expansion. This will allow even more people to become acquainted with Euro Caps as a progressive employer.”

The CEO of Top Employers Institute, David Plink, says: “To be recognized as a Top Employer, an organization must prove that the execution of its people strategies enriches the working environment of its employees. Certified participants are a shining example of real effort for HR policy; they are constantly committed to strengthening their employees in order to achieve a better working environment. Congratulations!"

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