Nespresso® Professional compatible

18 / 01 / 2022

The single serve solution for office, hospitality and OOH

We have developed a capsule for this system that guarantees a fantastic coffee experience. Every capsule we make is focused on an optimal taste experience.

The blend, roasting profile and grind are fine-tuned for every taste and serving to prepare a delicious coffee. By continuously innovating, we are able to guarantee perfection every time.


An overview of our products

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Dolce Gusto® compatible

We offer various options for this type of capsule. Think of Espresso Intenso, Lungo, Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino & Café au Lait. The options for hot and cold drinks are endless. We would be happy to discuss customer-specific developments with you.

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Nespresso® compatible

We have a wide range of blends and single origins available for this type of capsule. You can choose from different capsule variants (plastic, aluminum or compostable). Our team of coffee specialists is ready to discuss the options with you during a cupping session.

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Nespresso® Professional compatible

The newest addition to our single serve family. The top 5 blends have been developed for this type of capsule, such as Ristretto, Espresso Forte, Lungo Forte, Lungo and Espresso Decaf. Do you have a specific wish? Our team of coffee specialists is happy to think along with you.

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Other single serve systems

The single serve category is growing very fast worldwide. Consumers want to be able to choose the right product at the right time. Do you see an opportunity or do you want to exchange ideas with our team of specialists? Please contact us.

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Curious about what Euro Caps can do for your brand?

Are you a Retailer looking for a partner for single serve products or do you want to work as a Contract Manufacturing partner? We now export to around 40 countries worldwide. A full service approach by Euro Caps or packaging of the roasts you supply? Call us and we will build a long-term partnership together.


Leading Roasters, Retailers, Coffee Houses & Online

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Quality & Certifications

Our employees are specialists in coffee and packaging. In order to offer the highest possible quality, our in-house R&D/QA departments have a constant focus on innovations and process optimisation. With more than 25 specialists in these teams, we have high-quality knowledge within the specialist field of single serve. Our coffee specialists within these teams have combined some 50 years of coffee knowledge and keep our blends at the highest level by holding regular cupping sessions. This thorough approach results in an unparalleled number of certifications and awards from consumer organizations.


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